Rachelle McBride - Owner + Principal Planner

Rachelle McBride
Owner + Principal Planner

Rachelle is a Vancouver based wedding and event planner with a passion for celebrating incredible relationships. For Rachelle, what makes a wedding day special is the tangible feeling of love in the air. She does her best to amplify this by creating a relaxed atmosphere for the couple, through a trusting client relationship, experienced attention to detail, and close interaction with guests and vendors.

Rachelle graduated from DreamGroup Academy, a unique and intimate course in wedding planning and coordination that gives students the opportunity to learn from a range of Vancouver’s leading industry professionals. The course was a great guide for Rachelle’s passion for weddings that was previously reserved for friend’s weddings and overloaded Pinterest boards.

Rachelle’s other passions include great wine, pretty cookbooks, oversized charcuterie boards, and ALL of the raspberry Earnest ice cream. All of these are made even better when shared with close friends and family, especially within any sort of party setting!

"Rachelle provided creative solutions and gave direction on the wedding day without drawing attention to herself, and she worked hard behind the scenes to make sure everything was done efficiently." - Rev. D. Kinnie  

"Rachelle was an absolute godsend. Like many a naive bride, I thought I could handle my wedding day on my own, but as the date came closer I began to see the value in outside help. Rachelle was able to point out areas that I had never considered, and her organization kept me on track, and confident that I was not forgetting anything. The weekend of the wedding Rachelle was calm, decisive, graceful and kind" - Laurel Bride Alex, The Turnover

"I have worked with Laurel Events a number of times and have found their service to be top notch. I have seen Rachelle handle unexpected events with grace, keeping everyone involved at ease. I would recommend Rachelle to any of my clients looking for an well organized event planner." - Jay Juco, First Class DJ Service